Asked By: Thomas Long Date: created: Feb 17 2023

What should you not use 30 second cleaner on

Answered By: Adam Patterson Date: created: Feb 17 2023

Do not let 30 SECONDS dry on glass. Give windows an extra rinse after cleaning to prevent any residue being left behind. After use, clean applicator thoroughly with water.

Asked By: Leonars Mitchell Date: created: Mar 02 2022

Will 30 SECONDS clean concrete

Answered By: Tyler Wright Date: created: Mar 03 2022

Killing algae, mildew and mold, 30 Seconds Cleaner works on many surfaces: canvas awnings, brick walls, asphalt driveways, plastic furniture, concrete sidewalks, wood decks, vinyl siding, and more.

Asked By: Simon Perez Date: created: May 20 2022

How long does it take for 30 SECONDS to work

Answered By: Wyatt Bryant Date: created: May 22 2022

30 SECONDS® Deck and Driveway Cleaner gives you results in 10 minutes, removing stains from dirt, grime, algae and mildew.

Asked By: Charles Alexander Date: created: Oct 17 2022

Can you use 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner on Windows

Answered By: Francis Morgan Date: created: Oct 20 2022

An easy way to clean windows outdoors! With an easy to use Rapid Hose End, 30 Seconds Window Wonder the easiest and most effective way to clean your outdoor windows. There's no mixing, and no need for a ladder because the unit reaches the second storey of your house. Simply spray it on and rinse it off.

Asked By: Kyle Collins Date: created: Jan 26 2023

Do you dilute 30 second cleaner

Answered By: Samuel Richardson Date: created: Jan 28 2023

Mix 1 part 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner with 1 part water. For example: Mix 1 gallon of cleaner with 1 gallon of water. Ready To Use Formula: No mixing required.

Asked By: Jose Gray Date: created: Jun 17 2022

How do you use a 30 second roof treatment

Answered By: Angel Reed Date: created: Jun 18 2022

Simply mix 1L of 30 Seconds Roof Treatment with 4L of water in your garden sprayer, and up you go. Just spray on an overcast day with no rain for 12 hours, and let 30 Seconds Roof Treatment do all the work for you. Warning: Keep pets indoors and away from the surface being treated during application of this product.

Asked By: Norman Coleman Date: created: Mar 06 2022

Is 30 second cleaner harmful to plants

Answered By: Dylan Kelly Date: created: Mar 08 2022

Is 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner safe to use around your lawns, plants and landscaping? Absolutely! 30 SECONDS has cleaned your sidewalks, decks and driveways since 1977. It safely breaks down in soil when used as directed, helping keep your landscape looking pristine around decks and patios.

Asked By: Dennis Young Date: created: Feb 09 2022

Can 30 second cleaner be used on metal

Answered By: Wallace Price Date: created: Feb 11 2022

The 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner label does not state whether it can be used on roofs or on solar panels. It should be okay to use on metal, but since it contains bleach, we would recommend checking directly with the manufacturer to see if they would recommend it for use in these areas.

Asked By: Gregory Simmons Date: created: Dec 24 2022

Can 30 second cleaner be used on concrete

Answered By: Elijah Brown Date: created: Dec 26 2022

Concrete, Masonry, Tile, Asphalt – these are very porous so they require the most saturation: Spray on DRY surface. Keep wet with the product for up to 15 minutes. Hose off thoroughly with water.

Asked By: Carlos Miller Date: created: Nov 29 2022

Can 30 second cleaner be used on cars

Answered By: Jacob Hayes Date: created: Nov 29 2022

30 Seconds Super Speed Car, Boat & Truck Wash is the quickest way to clean your vehicle. It combines hardworking ingredients with our Rapid Hose end Technology to easily clean away dirt, grease and grime from exterior surfaces of your car, boat, truck & trailers.

Asked By: Nathan Lopez Date: created: Jan 30 2023

Can you use 30 second cleaner on an RV

Answered By: Evan Wood Date: created: Jan 30 2023

Q: Can I use 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner on our RV top? A: Yes, 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner works great.

Asked By: Hayden Moore Date: created: Feb 22 2023

What is the best brick patio cleaner

Answered By: Kevin Hughes Date: created: Feb 24 2023

Limate – the best brick and patio cleaner is a powerful acidic cleaner and descaler containing special additives to boost formulas action and penetration. Limate removes stains and limescale from brickwork, concrete, paving, tiles etc. Limate is easy to use, effective and economical.

Asked By: Jordan Lopez Date: created: Jun 03 2022

What is the active ingredient in 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner

Answered By: Donald Russell Date: created: Jun 05 2022

30 Seconds Ready To Use Outdoor Cleaner is made from a combination of ingredients, with the active ingredient being Sodium Hypochlorite.

Asked By: Alex Evans Date: created: Apr 06 2023

Is sodium hypochlorite the same as bleach

Answered By: Malcolm Bailey Date: created: Apr 08 2023

Sodium hypochlorite, commonly referred to as bleach, has a variety of uses and is an excellent disinfectant/antimicrobial agent.

Asked By: John Long Date: created: Nov 03 2022

How does spray and walk away work

Answered By: Hunter Lewis Date: created: Nov 05 2022

30 Seconds Cleaner Spray & Walk Away
Works over time to remove moss and organic growth. Helps control regrowth of spores. Simple application when using a sprayer, which can be purchased from any local hardware store. Very little effort required, simply spray on and walk away.

Asked By: Dominic Mitchell Date: created: Mar 14 2022

Do you have to rinse off 30 second cleaner

Answered By: John Lewis Date: created: Mar 17 2022

Do not let 30 SECONDS dry on glass. Give windows an extra rinse after cleaning to prevent any residue being left behind. After use, clean applicator thoroughly with water.

Asked By: Jordan Green Date: created: Apr 28 2023

Is spray and walk away safe for pets

Answered By: Dominic Thomas Date: created: Apr 29 2023

Is it safe to use Spray and Walk Away around pets? Keep pets indoors and away from the surface being treated during application of this product. Pets can be allowed back on to the treated surface only once it is completely dry. If your pets do come into contact with the wet surface, rinse their paws immediately.

Asked By: Oscar Williams Date: created: Feb 10 2022

Whats in spray and walk away

Answered By: Matthew Kelly Date: created: Feb 13 2022


Application Method Spray Spray
Organic Non-Organic 1
Primary Active Ingredient Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonia chloride 90-Day
Safe for Edibles No Concentrate
Weed Type Moss,Moss, Liverworts, and Algae

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