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How should dry rice be stored in a dry storage area quizlet

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Store dry food in airtight containers away from walls and at least 6 inches off the ground. Keep dry food out of direct sunlight. Follow these procedures for properly storing food in dry storage.

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Does rice have to be labeled in the dry store room

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Both methods can keep your dry foods fresh for many years, but they absolutely must be labeled. Unlike other containers, they are not usually see-through, so labels must include the type of food you stored and the date on which it was stored.

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What is a dry storage

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Cereals, flour, rice, dried pasta, fruit and vegetables, tinned goods, and packaged foods that dont need temperature control are kept in the dry storage area of your business. The following procedures are crucial for efficient and secure dry storage in a food business. 1.

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How do you store bagged or dry products in the storage facility

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To avoid or reduce contamination, pest infestation, and water damage, store bagged or packaged dry goods off the ground and away from adjacent walls (by about 10-15 cm). This also allows for better air circulation to maintain a consistent temperature.

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How high off the floor should dry food be stored

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Food must be protected during storage, be kept six inches off the ground, and be free of pests that could contaminate it, according to the FDA Food Code.

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What is meant by FIFO and why is it important to proper food storage

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FIFO stands for “first in first out,” and it simply means that you should label your food with the dates you store it and place the older foods in front of or on top of the newer foods so that you use them first.

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How should the food worker cool the rice safely

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You can chill down rice more quickly by dividing it into smaller portions, spreading it out on a clean, shallow tray, or placing a container of hot rice into a larger container of cold water or ice. If you chill down rice, do so as quickly as possible, ideally within one hour.

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How should a food worker store food using FIFO

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Locate products with the earliest best before or use-by dates; remove products that are damaged or past these dates; place products with the earliest dates at the front; stock new products behind the front stock; products with the newest dates should be at the back.

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What are the rules for storing food cold

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According to the food-safety rules, food must be cooled to 41°F or below within six hours after cooking/heating.

  • Before putting hot food in the refrigerator, properly cool it.
  • To stay below the 45°F danger zone, store cold food items at a refrigerator temperature (40°F or lower).
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What foods can be stored in water and/or ice

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(C) Tofu may be submerged in ice or water, along with whole, raw fruits or vegetables, cut, raw vegetables like celery or carrot sticks, or cut potatoes.

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Which of the following practices is most likely to result in cross contamination

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The likelihood of bacterial cross-contamination is highest when raw food touches or drips onto prepared food, utensils, or surfaces.

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Which food must be cooked to at least 135

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Commercially processed, ready-to-eat food (such as cheese sticks and deep-fried vegetables) as well as fruit, vegetables, grains (such as rice and pasta), and legumes (such as beans and refried beans) that will be served hot must have an internal temperature of at least 135°F (57°C).

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What is the minimum hot holding temperature requirement for pizza quizlet

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Keep hot foods at or above 135 degrees Fahrenheit until serving once foods have reached the required temperatures; this process is known as “hot-holding.” When holding hot foods, check the internal food temperature at least every two hours.

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How should food be stored in a dry storage area

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Dry Storage

  1. In order to regulate humidity and stop the development of mold and bacteria, keep dry storage areas tidy and well-ventilated.
  2. Keep dry foods refrigerated at 50°F to extend shelf life.
  3. In the area used for dry storage, hang a thermometer from the wall.
  4. Every day, check the storerooms temperature.
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Which item is stored properly in the dry storage area

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The following procedures are crucial for efficient and secure dry storage in a food business. the dry storage area of your business is where stocks of cereals, flour, rice, dried pasta, fruit and vegetables, tinned products, and packaged foods are kept that do not require temperature control.

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Which of the following food containers in the dry storage room must be labeled quizlet

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Glass, plastic, canned goods, and vacuum-packed bags like Mylar Bags are the four main container types in dry storerooms, and each of these four container types should be labeled appropriately to keep everything organized and to ensure you never eat spoiled food.

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How should you store items in the refrigerator quizlet

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Cut melons, tomatoes, and leafy greens should be kept at 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) or lower. Whole citrus fruit, hard-rind squash, eggplant, and root vegetables should be kept in cool, dry storage at 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit (16-21 degrees Celsius).

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Which food must be stored at a temperature of 41

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Fresh steak should be kept at or below 41 °F (5 °C), and fresh chicken should be kept at or below 41 °F (5 °C), respectively.

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